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About Gradings

  • Grading 'tasters' will be slotted into our regular sessions so you know what to expect 

  • Gradings are held every 3 months
  • The Instructors will let you know if you are ready to grade
  • Cost of grading is dependant on belt, they start at £15
  • Full details of grading costs available here

  • Based on our syllabus gradings are pretty tough - they're meant to be
  • For higher belts you'll be given a pregrade to make sure you're ready

  • As part of the grading fee all who pass get their next belt and a Cobra certificate
  • Black Belts are also recognised with a Dan certificate from Cobra
  • ...and entry onto the National Black Belt Register

  • We are a community club and our aim is to promote Martial Arts
  • Gradings are part of that journey but not the only part
  • If you want to keep fit & enjoy yourself without grading feel free to 'pay as you go'